UroToday - The authors report their early experience with robotic laparoscopic placement of sural nerve grafts. Previously, others have reported that in selected cases where cavernous nerves cannot be spared as a result of extensive local disease, sural nerve interposition may aid in erectile recovery in some men. In this report, 19 of 22 men received a unilateral sural nerve graft with preservation of the contralateral native cavernous nerve. The authors report reasonable return of potency of 50% at 12 months, but did not use objective erectile endpoint measures, which limit the take-home message from this retrospective study.

The ability to perform sural nerve grafting with robotic control as reported by Gill et al, may prove to be an important adjunctive therapy in selected cases of locally advanced prostate cancer where the patient is highly motivated.

Sural Nerve Grafting in Robotic laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy. Mikhail et al. - AUA 2006 - Abstract 1321

Reviewed by UroToday Contributing Editor Gerry Brock, MD

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