UroToday - A group of doctors from India presented a case report of a patient who underwent a laparoscopic ureteropyelostomy for a symptomatic yo-yo effect on a duplicated ureter. They presented the case report of a 21-year-old female who had right-sided symptomatic incomplete ureteric duplication and was managed by retroperitoneal laparoscopic ureteropyelostomy.

The reason I thought this paper was important is because in pediatric urology, the argument is made for a lower uretero-ureterostomy mostly done open instead of a high uretero-pyelostomy done laparosocpically for duplex anomalies. The thought being that the lower operation done open is favorable to an open operation done high since laparoscopy is difficult.

However, we hear of this yo-yo reflux effect, but we never give it much attention as we typically do not encounter it. Seeing this become symptomatic in an adult, makes it necessary to consider it as potential side effect of a lower ureteral surgery.

Khan M, Qadri SJ, Bhat AH, Khan N
Urol Int. 2009;82(2):235-7

UroToday Medical Editor Pasquale Casale, MD

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