Dr Isabel Lee for the Stroke Association comments:

'Atrial fibrillation is an important risk factor for stroke and is found in 15 per cent of all stroke patients. Identifying Warfarin as a preventative measure for this age group is a welcome step forward in stroke prevention. Two thirds of all strokes happen in those over the age of 65.

'This research also reinforces the need for good clinic practice in identifying atrial fibrillation which can be done by taking a patient's pulse. If healthcare professionals are conscientious about taking a pulse most patients with atrial fibrillation could be detected, and consequently lives could be saved.'

1. The Stroke Association is the only UK charity solely concerned with combating stroke in people of all ages. The charity funds research into prevention, treatment, better methods of rehabilitation and helps stroke patients and their families directly through its community services which include communications support, family and carer support, information services, welfare grants, publications and leaflets. The Stroke Association also campaigns, educates and informs to increase knowledge of stroke at all levels of society acting as a voice for everyone affected by stroke.

2. A stroke is a brain attack which causes brain damage. A stroke can be diagnosed by using FAST - Facial weakness, Arm weakness, Speech problems, Test all three. If any of these symptoms are present call an ambulance straight away.


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