Continuing efforts to improve working conditions and management practices in the profession the British Veterinary Association (BVA) is offering new management seminars on

- Getting the most out of your veterinary practice team - 22 April
- Getting the most out of your job - 23 April

Both courses include a mental wellbeing element and both offer advice on contracts of employment and employment law.

The practice team seminar also looks at management and communication techniques to help prevent stress, distress, anger and conflict. This course teaches managers skills which can help improve the mental health of the whole practice team.

The second seminar and workshop is aimed at giving junior vets a solid background in their legal rights. It also shows skills and techniques for taking control of their veterinary career and how to perform well under pressure to help achieve and maintain good mental health.

Held at the BVA's headquarters in London each seminar costs £150 + VAT for BVA members and £190 + VAT for non-members with an additional 15% discount when booking for two or more staff. Find out more

Introducing the seminars BVA President Professor Bill Reilly said

"Veterinary training is all about dealing with animals rather than learning soft skills needed for human interactions such as managing people and resolving conflict. Learning such soft skills and having the tools to improve your interaction with your team can have a huge impact on your own wellbeing at work. It may kick-start a positive attitude which could help the team around you too.

"The BVA is working hard to improve employment conditions in the profession and adding these excellent seminars to our existing range of support measures should help improve the mental wellbeing of the profession and that of the whole practice team."

Peter Orpin, Business Consultant for Anval and seminar contributor, agreed

"As vets we are clinically driven to excel and if the same amount of effort was devoted to efficient and effective management and decision, practice progress would be assured. Too often we focus on our strengths rather than our weaknesses. Understanding what is holding back the practice team is the key to unlocking potential."

David Bartram, a Director for the Veterinary Benevolent Fund and contributor, added

"Awareness of the pressure on vets in practice is increasing. These seminars will help guide the practice team on creating a better working environment, recognising signs of stress in themselves and others, building resilience and where to seek help when they find it hard to cope."


1. The BVA is involved in a range of practical measures aimed at tackling the causes of mental health problems within the veterinary profession:

- BVA's territorial divisions organise regional graduate support meetings for recently graduated vets to address the sense of isolation felt by many young vets. Further information

- It operates the Young Vet Network which aims to ease the transition into professional life and provides additional support during the first few years in practice. More information

- It has produced employment resources such as personal development forms and a model contract of employment. Members can download them

- It runs a contracts of employment campaign encouraging employers and employees to put contracts in place to ensure both parties are clear about rights, responsibilities and terms and conditions of employment.

- The BVA is also involved in the VetLife initiative which was started in response to concern over the high rate of suicide and depression within the profession. It provides information on all the support available to veterinary students, veterinary nurses and veterinary surgeons on a wide range of issues including isolation and loneliness, stress, depression and suicide amongst many other things. Visit vetlife/

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