More than 80% of nursing home residents have chronic pain, and of these, many are not getting adequate treatment. Good pain treatment begins with knowing how severe the pain is. Several different pain-intensity tools are available: one uses a number (0-10) scale, another uses words, and a third shows pictures of people in pain. We asked nursing home residents to rate their pain using all three scales. We wanted to know how the pain reported on one scale translated onto another scale. The 42,000 veterans who live in nursing homes and their families will benefit from this study.

The Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD) has been a leading research journal in the field of rehabilitation medicine and technology for over 40 years. Formerly the Bulletin of Prosthetics Research, JRRD debuted in 1983 to include cross-disciplinary findings in rehabilitation. JRRD, a scientifically indexed journal, publishes original research papers, review articles, as well as clinical and technical commentary from U.S. and international researchers on all rehabilitation research disciplines.

JRRD publishes in both print and electronic formats, increasing the journal's dissemination from a hard copy circulation of 8,000 to 2.3 million Web downloads in 2005. Currently, there are over 1,000 peer-reviewed articles available in electronic format and free for downloading. JRRD will initiate an archiving program in 2005 to make all issues of JRRD and the Bulletin of Prosthetics Research available online.

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