The Arizona Senate Appropriations Committee on Tuesday approved a bill... (HB 2221) that would ban state funding for all human cloning, including reproductive cloning and cloning for research purposes, the Arizona Daily Star reports (Fischer, Arizona Daily Star, 3/30). The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Bob Stump (R), would outlaw funding for asexual human reproduction achieved by the introduction of genetic material from human cells into an egg that has had its nucleus removed "so as to produce an organism, at any stage of development, that is genetically virtually identical to an existing or previously existing human organism." Arizona currently does not fund such research, but critics of the measure said the measure could restrict future research and harm the development of the state's biotechnology industry. Nine states currently have laws banning some form of human cloning (Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report, 2/18). The bill, which has been approved by the state House, now goes to the full state Senate, according to the Daily Star (Arizona Daily Star, 3/30).

Constitutional Amendment
The Arizona Senate Government Accountability & Reform Committee on Wednesday approved 3-2 a proposed constitutional amendment (HCR 2025) that would ban all human cloning in the state, including privately funded cloning research, the AP/kold reports (AP/kold, 3/31). If the Legislature approves the proposed amendment, it will be put on the 2006 ballot (Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report, 2/18).

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